I have spent the last year facilitating between the world of formal education and museum education.  I have led tours in museums and planned them as a teacher.  There is so much that schools and cultural institutions have to offer each other, and students, if only the lines of communication were as open as we all would wish!

This blog is here to act as the link between formal and informal centers of learning, with a special focus on the resources that museums make available for teachers (but don’t have the budget to publicize).  I want to answer the questions that educators have about what they can ask for when booking a field trip to a cultural institution and what should happen before and after in order to capitalize on what museums do so well.

Things to check back for:

  • Monday morning Museum Resource Reviews.  Which museums have materials that you can implement right now in your classroom and which ones just won’t work?
  • What makes a great museum trip?
  • How can you make sure the trip is a complement to your curriculum?
  • What is the teacher’s role on a guided tour?
  • Much more!

If there’s a subject, or museum that you’d like to see covered in the blog, just post in the comments or email me at EduKateMuseums@gmail.com.


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